Been There, Done That:  Lessons Learned on Love and Life from Women 55 and Better

Been There, Done That: Lessons Learned on Love & Life from Women 55 & Better is a compilation of advice on love, careers, raising children, and life in general from over 40 women age 55 and older with diverse backgrounds and from different walks of life. The women revealed real-world advice based on their lessons learned and prove that everyone can make a difference in this great big world of ours. They reveal how to tell if a man is right for you, how to make your marriage last a lifetime, how to get ahead in the workplace, how to raise children in a challenging environment and much, much, more! The women's nuggets of wisdom will help you live your life like it's golden!

Cinnamon Girl Blues

Beverly Brown, Regina Webster and Sasha Grant met as new employees at a Baltimore insurance company during their new employee orientation session. They quickly became friends and shared in each other's happiness and disappointments. Even after they left the organization to move on to other career endeavors, they continued to share the bond of friendship. Is it possible for them to continue to support each other while trying to overcome their own drama? Cinnamon Girl Blues explores fraud, deceit, envy, romance and the unthinkable. Journey with Beverly, Regina and Sasha as they attempt to cope with their circumstances.

Office Politics

As employees of Valuable Temps in Baltimore, Mina Taylor, Dottie Wallace, Jesse Smith, and Tia Wilson have the misfortune of working for the boss from hell, owner Irene Douglas. Over a short period of time, they've watched their co-workers join the company only to be fired after a taste of Irene's workplace wrath. Irene commits the ultimate office sin against them by calling a staff meeting at 5 p.m. on a Friday to lay out her new rules of engagement. Immediately following the meeting, the foursome head to a local pub for happy hour and more importantly, to create a fool proof plan to confront Irene with hopes of making her see the light. However, the unexpected occurs and the group is suddenly faced with a situation that produces escalating consequences. Can they pull together as a team to come out on the winning end of their dilemma? Also, can they cope with the impact of Irene's deepest, darkest secret that could destroy her as well as them?

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